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​​​​Westwind Management Group
HRS' Property Mangement Company.  Click on this link to go straight to Westwind's site for additional homeowner resources.

  •      Public Disclosure (Insurance, Historical Minutes & Financials, Policies, Budget, Audit, etc.)
  •      Declaration of Condominium
  •      Delinquency Policy
  •      FAQ's
  •      Questionaire (standard info letter for HRS - has all info normally requested by most lenders)
  •      Etc.

What does your homeowners insurance cover?
Do you know what your homeowners insurance policy covers for your home?

Many do not and only learn the 'hard' way when an issue arises. This article explains 6 hazards a standard home insurance policy does not cover.   Those hazards are: mold, sewer backups, sinkholes, termites, nuclear plant explosions, certain acts of terrorism & 'acts of war'.

I-225 Light Rail Project
10.5 miles of track along I-225 and will include eight (8) stations in Aurora.

Arapahoe County
Throughout the Arapahoe County website, you’ll find links to Arapahoe County services, documents and connections to community resources, such as local governments, ...

Aurora's city government website ..

Heather Ridge Metro District
A group of 10 homeowners associations which formed a Metro District dedicated to:
Preserve the 18 hole golf course
Preserve the area's open space 
Protect property values
Preserve our quality of life
* site also includes online copies of MetroMatters

Golf Club at Heatherridge
 complete information for the golf course & restaurant ...